Growth through Pain

In light of the World Cup and the beautiful weather in NYC this summer, I have a revived interest in playing soccer. I spent hours every weekend playing a lot and developing my skills. I started to really get a lot better and reminisced on my younger days playing with my 3 brothers and fathers in the park in Edgeware.

        Sadly towards the end of the summer on September 6th, I fractured my distal radius trying to get around a play with a fancy move I hadn't tried before. I fell rather violently on my left arm and naturally my arm gave way to the floor and snapped near my wrist. It wasn't painful right on the spot but the pain started to set in a few seconds after and started to get light-headed. I tried to walk it off but it was too much to handle. I eventually called an ambulance and was taken to Lennox Hill Healthplex, where they took excellent care of me.  

            The diagnosis was clear and I was to be in a splint and cast for 6 weeks as my body repaired itself. This experience while very untimely and frustrating gave me a lot of down time to think and develop myself. In a way it's good that I was able to get this time because I'm not confident I would have otherwise been able to take the time I needed. I usually am trying to do a  million things at a time instead of focusing on a few things. This allowed me to slow things down and appreciate life in a more complete way. I appreciate, now having recovered, the ability to use two hands to open a jar of tomato sauce, to put lotion on my back, type this blog post with ease and to tie my shoe laces. It's very easy to take little things for granted in life. This has taught me to appreciate the very thing that we all take for granted until we lose it - our health.